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is a new rock/pop outfit from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their music stands out from the Danish indie scene as a new, dynamic blend of dancing groves, spacey guitars and hard hitting riffs, all tied together by Victor Isager Høvrings characteristic vocal performance.

Their musical journey has been influenced by acts such as Foo-Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Highly Suspect, as well as classics like Stevie Wonder and Johnny Cash.

Rust Nørrebro 2018 -

- Super audience.

TFF 2018 (Tølløse Familie Festival)

- Ross on bass - he is marvelous.

  • THE BAND ...

... was established by singer/songwriter Victor Isager Høvring in 2017. Since then, its grown to a 4 man team consisting of vocals, guitars, bass and drums.

  • Medlemmer:

  • Victor Isager Høvring - Vokal
  • Andreas Foverskov - Guitar
  • Ross McPherson - Bass
  • Jacob Vejter Ottosen - Drums


You can write to us via our contact form:

You can write to us via our contact form: